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  • james2022-01-04 16:35:09

    Come to Sing Me Happy Birthday when you’re lighting candles on the birthday cake. Pick a name, queue up your favourite rendition of Happy Birthday, press play… and watch beaming smiles flood the room. You can share a Sing Me Happy Birthday along with your birthday messages, or choose a classic for the moment you hand over your birthday card. We even have Happy Birthday Mrs / Mr President to make your favourite person feel like number one.. although not sung by Marilyn Monroe. Get the birthday party started.. with Sing Me Happy Birthday. https://singmehappybirthday.com

  • Kirti 2021-12-17 11:14:17

    Happy birthday

  • Noah2021-12-06 23:50:16

    I Love You Arthur.

  • Bebe2021-12-04 07:51:20


  • Ally2021-12-01 13:45:30

    Best wife

  • Riley2021-11-17 18:25:18


  • Pawan 2021-09-07 12:57:25


  • Emma Waltz2021-08-29 11:59:05

    She's my only special girl and only God above knows how I feel about her~Hellen.

  • Emma Waltz2021-08-29 11:53:16

    She's my only special girl and only God above knows how I feel about her~Hellen.

  • John2021-06-30 07:10:58

    Gracious & great

  • 2021-05-16 02:38:59

    Let my deep blessing always. Surround magnificent travel of your life. I hope in years to come you will have a good health and plain sailing

  • sanju 2021-04-26 15:21:01


  • Maxwell2021-04-18 22:44:13

    I love my girlfriend call esther

  • tariq2020-11-21 11:27:46

    i love you neha are not found please add it

  • Chinni 2020-11-08 04:02:46

    Na best frnd

  • Mebme2020-06-28 03:09:45


  • alicia2020-06-15 21:05:37

    Sherra Denise you know your the strongest person i know... not muscle size heart size

  • asia2020-06-10 11:34:13

    forever I will love u from my heart I need u from my life I love u Asia by elly

  • ABENA OFFEBEAH2020-05-14 20:17:17

    Happy birthday to you my love (Owner)

  • PRATHAP 2020-05-01 10:49:08

    May 1st International Labour Day💻📲

  • Sheron2020-04-30 21:57:02

    Happy birthday Dear Sheron.
    God bless u always

  • shanaya2020-04-12 09:53:24

    put anifa name photo

  • MD Kyamuddin 2020-04-03 21:51:59

    Happy birthday MD Kyamuddin Aap kahi bhi rhe aap hmesh muskarate rhe yehi mere duwa h Allah aap ko Kush rakhe

  • Jiya2020-03-31 14:47:52

    God bless my childhood mate with loads of happiness

  • Lillian 2020-03-21 02:18:18

    Night God bless love you xxxx

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